Health & Safety Management

Organizations are increasingly required to take a systematic and proactive approach to managing health and safety, environmental and quality risks. They can succeed through designing and implementing robust management systems that provide clear policies, procedures for planning and carrying out risk assessment and control, and suitable arrangements for monitoring and reviewing performance, leading to continual improvement. Integrating separate management systems for health and safety, environment and quality can offer substantial improvements in business efficiency and quality of products and services, as well as in health and safety and environmental performance.

BP consultancy provides organizations with an automated method of Health and Safety Management for handling a multitude of tasks. We provide solutions that are capable of tracking incidents, managing MSDS’s, monitoring and evaluating occupational exposures to chemical agents and other physical, biological or ergonomic hazards.

Our Health and Safety Management Solutions Include:

Industrial Hygiene.
Incident Management.
Chemical Inventory.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Having such a system can be beneficial as it will:

Prioritize the planning, organizing, control, monitoring and review of measures to protect people from work risks. It will help allocate the correct resources, achieving effectiveness and efficiency.
Significant occupational health risks will be given the correct level of importance and be properly resourced.
Avoid prosecutions and other penalties by ensuring the appropriate OSH objectives are set. This is achieved by the focus on policy and the process of setting objectives and their delivery through the management system.
Support ISO 18001 Management Systems Standards.
Helps system integration with other systems with similar structure at a later date.
Provide non-conformance reporting, which directs manager's attention to opportunities for correcting problems and making improvements. Managers need to manage health and safety issues effectively, no matter how busy they are and whatever their workload. Alerting managers to problems and actions they can take or sanction, continually reminds them of their critical health and safety role.