Crisis Management

During a crisis, decision-makers who can easily access the right information at the right time and share it with one another can save more lives and minimize damage to the environment. Throughout history, however, leaders have been forced to make those life-or-death decisions based on inadequate information. It was not until the 1980s that innovative emergency experts brought the latest computer technologies to bear on the challenges of crisis management.

Since then, thousands of crisis managers have embraced these new systems, which have proven their value repeatedly during actual disasters. In the past five years, the pace of implementation has accelerated dramatically as a new generation of systems that are easier to use, more powerful and more affordable have been introduced.

  • Allowing users to identify locations, distances, areas, and other aspects that are part of spatial analysis.
  • Manage data for incident messages, action logs, emergency plans, personnel and notification

BPC provides the services and solutions needed to identifying a crisis, planning a response to the crisis and confronting and resolving the crisis. Our crisis management solution helps organizations response to any kind of incident regardless of its size or duration. Our industries best practices of Crisis Management experts have the field experience and technical knowledge to assure that you select the right product/services that enables you to achieve your goals especially in the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy and utilities sectors.

Always remember: “When you hear the thunder, it is too late to build the ark.”

Our Crisis Management Solutions Include:

Incident Management.
Hazard Assessment Tools.
Real-time Chemical Emergency Response.
Mobile Hazardous Emergency Response.