Environmental Management

Environmental compliance, deploying Environmental Management System and the need to improve and report environmental performance have become important factors in the decision making process of organizations. Environmental aspects should be managed in the same way that a company or public entity manages its core business functions and links the environmental concerns with economic considerations.

Every organization is required to recognize the need for a proactive approach to environmental issues, by emphasizing opportunities such as increased employee awareness and operational changes to improve environmental performance. Over time, the systematic identification and correction of system deficiencies lead to better environmental, and overall organizational, performance.

BPC develops and implements Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) that are designed to optimize the performance and profitability of your facility so that it achieves environmental targets with minimum cost and maximum business advantage. Our knowledge of environmental issues and technical-experience with many software platforms and computing technologies allows us to develop a system design that is appropriate, sustainable, and cost-effective in meeting your environmental performance needs.

Our Environmental Management Solutions Include:

Green House Gas (GHG)
Waste Water
Chemical Inventory
Fugitive Emissions

EMIS can result in both business and environmental benefits. For example, an EMIS may help you:

Improve environmental performance.
Enhance organizations compliance and environmental management system process.
Prevent pollution and conserve resources.
Reduce/mitigate risks.
Attract new customers and markets (or at least retain access to customers and markets with EMS requirements).
Increase efficiency
Reduce costs
Enhance employee morale and possibly enhance recruitment of new employees.
Enhance image with public, regulators, lenders, investors.
Achieve/improve employee awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities.