Professional Training

BPC specializes in creating results-oriented training tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Whatever the format—from classroom to e-learning to video to print—we work with our clients to clarify their training goals, determine the most appropriate approach, and design and implement innovative training experiences. Our instructional developers are particularly skilled in working with domain experts to trend their knowledge into engaging training programs relevant to the situation and needs of participants.

BPC offers comprehensive training from basic environmental technical skills, regulatory knowledge, to program management and leadership development.

We offer training for the following:

General Environmental Subjects

Basic environmental science and technology – engineering calculations, chemistry, and physics
Fundamentals of environmental impacts on air, water, and waste
Introduction to Environmental Regulations.

Industry specific courses

Environmental Impacts Assessment for industries.
Industry Specific Emission Sources and Quantifications
Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Footprints
Energy Efficiency.
Emissions control technologies.

Regulatory specific courses

Introduction of Environmental Regulations.
Development of environmental regulations for sustainable environmental development.
Emission source testing and monitoring requirements.
Developing and implementing regulatory enforcement programs.
Effectiveness of Environmental Regulations.

Technical courses

Fundamental of Air Dispersion Modeling.
Practical Air Dispersion Modeling Lab.
Emission source testing.
Continuous & predictive emissions monitoring systems.
Ambient monitoring.

Environmental management courses

Design and develop an environmental management system (ISO 14001).
Environmental compliance management for industrial sources.
IT Solutions for environmental compliance management.